Thank you for your 2015 contributions in Memory of….

Mrs. Jean Horne Alligood
Jeanette Rousso

Brenda Joyce Anderson
Tiffani Anderson

Martha Anne Collier
Charles and Marisa Arena
Paul Arena and Bryan Revis
Pat Hildreth
Sharon McMahan
Sarah Benz Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Snider
Chris Arcement
Melissa Purvis
Emily Seiman

Vickie Darby Crenshaw
Stacia Bailey

Carole Crews
Col. And Mrs. Alton Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Crooks
Rich David Marsolais
Sharps and Flats Sunday School at Frazer UMC
James F. Smith, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Thomas

Susan Enslen
Melissa Witt

Judith London Evans
Richard and Barbara Brienza

Mae Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Smith

Linda Horwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Goldner
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Labovitz

Keshia Lee
Sharon Alexander

Evelyn Maness
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Goldner

Coleen Pope
Janis Hart

Cordelia Roton
Ginny Childs

Matilde Scheuer
Betty Loeb

Erin Stahl
Ruby Goldfield

Chuck Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Labovitz

Charles Stasburger
Betty Loeb

Marty Sullivan
Hoke Sullivan